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3M 501 Masking Tape

3M 501+ Masking Tape

3M 501+ Masking Tape is a premium, high performance crepe paper masking tape that was designed for creating super sharp paint lines for many industrial painting applications, including high-temperature bake cycles of up to 300° F for 30 minutes. Provides a clean, one piece removal, leaving no residue. 

3M 501+ Applications Include

  • Instantly adheres to metal and other surfaces. Resists lifting or curling for sharp paint lines.
  • High conformability
  • Maintains integrity when formed around a corner.
  • Easy one piece removal.
  • Controlled and smooth unwind dispenses evenly and is less likely to tear off of the roll.
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3m501 Masking Tape

Sku #
3M 501 36 mm x 55 m 7.3 mil
3M 501 18 mm x 55 m
3M 501 24 mm x 55 m

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