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3M 3900 Duct Tape

3M™ Multi-Purpose Duct Tape 3900

3M™ Multi-Purpose Duct Tape 3900 is 3M's industrial-strength tape that offers a variety of colors for identification, contrast, bundling, sealing, holding, protecting and many other tough jobs. Use it to color code bundles of pipes and conduit, mark important temporary repairs, secure wiring and carpeting to the floor, and provide attractive seals on colored surfaces.

3M™ Multi-Purpose Duct Tape 3900 Applications Include

  • Cloth-reinforced polyethylene laminated body offers the strength needed for bundling pipes and conduit.
  • Has a natural rubber adhesive which sticks to many surfaces.
  • Water-resistant backing seals and protects against moisture and humidity.
  • Tears cleanly for easy handling and applications.
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3m3900 Duct Tape

Sku #
3M 3900 48 mm x 55 m 7.7 mil
3M 3900 48 mm x 55 m 7.7 mil
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