3M 3765 Label protection tape

3M 3765 Tape

3M 3765 Tartan Label Protection Tape

1.5 mil, clear polypropylene film tape with acrylic adhesive. Strong and moisture-resistant backing. Utility grade label protection tape. Good for outdoor use and for applications as low as 20 degrees F. Tensile strength 30 lbs/inch crosswise; 20 lbs/inch lengthwise. Strong and conformable construction resists edge tear and splitting. Acrylic adhesive resists UV to stay clear. Good adhesion from 40 degrees to 220 degrees F (4 degree C to 104 degree C). Clear for accurate bar code scanning. Protect labels against smudging, splashing, and tearing. Complies with environmental considerations of ASTM D1974-92.Standard widths: 72, 96, 120, and 144mm

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