• Bakery Rack Covers
  • Bakery Rack Covers

    Used for temporary storage of baked goods and/or as can liners.

    RhinoTuff® Plastic Pan Rack Covers

    High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) virgin resin material provides protection for short-term storage of baked goods.

    • Material: High Density Polyethylene 0.6 Mil with virgin resin; not from recycled material. Durable, tear resistant and designed to form fit the appropriately sized Bun Pan Rack
    • Food Contact: High Density Polyethylene 0.6 Mil is suitable for most applications involving direct Contact with foodstuffs. They are manufactured to meet current Food Contact regulations. FDA approved.
    • These high density plastic bags are designed to cover 48" to 80" bun pan racks
    • Bakery plastic bread and bun rack covers are designed to keep dough fresh and prevent free standing bakery, restaurant and cafeteria racks from airborne substances.
    • Packaged in space-saving RhinoTuff® cases and wound in perforated rolls for easy one-at-a-time dispensing.
    • These baking rack covers are made with a Star Seal Top and easily opens to pull down over any appropriately sized bread rack.
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Rack/equipment Covers

Sku # Description Autosizing Qty/Case Thickness Price 5 10+
52 x 83 Rack Cover

52 x 83 Rack Cover

52" x 83" 50 15 MICRON $24.00
$23.30 $22.60
60 x 83 Bakery Rack Covers

60 x 83 Bakery Rack Covers

60" x 83" 50 15 MICRON $25.50
$25.00 $24.10
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