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20 Cu. Ft. Packing Peanut Dispenser

20 cubic feet loose fill dispenser

  • Stock #: LFD20
  • Weight: 12.0 lbs
  • Qty/Each: 1

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  • This product is discontinued

20 Cu. Ft. Loose Fill Dispenser

Stock #: LFD20

EAN: 0631546041570

Our 20 Cu. Ft. Loose Fill Dispenser gravity dispenses the loose-fill while you control the flow using the aluminum spring-loaded 5" scissor valve. When the scissor valve is squeezed it opens, causing the loose fill to fall into the package. This 20 Cu. Ft. packing peanut dispenser hangs from the ceiling and can be raised and lowered with a pulley for easy refilling. The height of this dispenser is 71" from the top of the chain to the end of the valve. The durable canvas bag is made static proof cotton.


20 Cu. Ft. Packing Peanut Dispenser

  • Type: Loose Fill Dispenser
  • Height: 71" From Top of Chain to Valve
  • Material: White Cotton Canvas, Aluminum Valve
  • Capacity: 20 Cu. Ft.

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